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Behavior section within the Report Card Comments downloadable e-book contains numerous pages of comments that report on: classroom behavior, effort, work habits, attitude, self-control, problem solving, goal setting and others.

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Inconsistency in attitude and classroom behavior necessary for further growth continue to hinder progress. Inconsistent performance, effort and focus upon learning continue to seriously hinder academic growth. Regarding your Report Card Comments, this resource is the reason I still have my sanity!! Such a fabulous help to find those tricky comments for difficult to write about children!! Thank you so much!

I always struggle with writing report cards but this resource made it a lot more efficient :. Thank you for your making my job easier and quicker:. All Rights Reserved. Behavior Report Card Comments. Judy M. Thank you!!! Mrs C. Grade 3 teacher. I always struggle with writing report cards but this resource made it a lot more efficient : Gabrielle G. Thank you for your making my job easier and quicker: Leanne L.As such, it is important that it as objective and honest as possible.

Sign up with TeacherFunder free as a teacher or to start supporting your teacher today! Most often, these grades are used to determine whether the student will be promoted to the next grade or not. The following statements and phrases can help teachers compose objective comments for each student. Composing a report card comment that inspires ambition within the student can empower them to make positive changes in their academics as well as other areas of their lives. Teacher comments should celebrate the learner while providing a constructive assessment as necessary.

Provide examples of what is working well for the student, acknowledging the areas they are truly good at while providing information not only on where they need to improve in but also how they can improve on those areas.

These 2 Files Will Save You Hours on Report Card Comments

As a teacher, it is important that you spend time reflecting not only on grades but also on how the students are conducting themselves in class. For instance, you may say something like, Catherine is an active learner throughout the school day and enthusiastically participates in all class activities. Learners who are adequately prepared for class and possess strong organization and study habits can greatly benefit from being reminded that these simple, yet extremely important, skills are properly recognized and well appreciated.

Similarly, learners who are not properly prepared, rush their work, or do not invest adequate time on their assignments ought to know that these behaviors are noted and will not be tolerated. How a learner relates to classmates and makes friends can be an important indicator of their personalities, as well as areas they need to improve in to be successful in life. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to how learners interact with each other not just within the classroom environment, but also during recess or on the field where there is limited teacher contact or direct supervision.

Ambitious, aggressive, confident, anxious, dependable, cooperative, developing, determined, friendly, energetic, helpful, happy, emerging, imaginative, resourceful, observant, neat, generous, quiet, improving, reliant, prompt, polite and receptive.

Consider using words like struggles, requires, or seldom to show when the learner needs extra help. Ensure that you highlight the areas the student to work on in a way that does not make parents feel like you are hard on their children. You can spin the phrases mentioned above to pinpoint areas that the learner needs to improve in by adding the words Needs to.

To give negative comments a more positive spin, list them under comments section titled goals to improve on.

behavior report card comments

Most important, do not provide negative feedback that appears offensive to the parent. Managing a high school classroom effectively comes with a host of challenges that elementary school teachers rarely have to face. For any parent or teacher, a child hitting or lashing out can be a difficult thing to manage. This is For many teachers, one of the most frustrating elements of the job is learning how to deal with students who Parenting with a good conscience involves taking a peaceful approach to parenting.

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These are just a few of the common report card feedback that teachers give their students at the end of the school term.My hope is that these report card comments for weak and struggling students or those performing below grade level will make your writing session a bit more tolerable and less time-consuming.

First, a few tips to keep in mind when writing report card comments for weak and struggling students…. Maybe the targeted student excels in art, kinesthetic activities, music, working well with others, technology, etc. Before I sit down and write my report card comments for a struggling student, if possible and applicableI speak to other teachers who currently teach or who have previously taught the child. Ideally, this should be done waaayyyy before you even begin to write the report card comment.

The first time or two that I observe a weakness in a child, I do my best to contact other educators as soon as possible. If the other teachers document or previously documented similar concerns when writing their report card comments for the struggling student, the parents will see a pattern. Because unfortunately, some parents unfairly play the teacher blame game. On the other hand, if another teacher observed a weakness but one other did not, document your experiences anyway and work on solutions with the parents.

behavior report card comments

Give yourself enough time to write your report card comments, especially those for struggling students. I think some teachers freak out over doing report card comments because they wait until the last minute.

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We continuously procrastinate because writing those darn comments is one of the least exciting parts of the job. Some also have an intense desire to be liked by the parents at all costs. Even if that means playing down significant red flags. Elementary school is a special place for many reasons. The further up kids go in grade level, the bigger the learning gaps become. And the bigger the gaps, the harder they become to close.

Add to your comments actionable steps that parents can follow to help their child move towards improvement. And most importantly, they should have clear, actionable steps to take in order to move their child to the next level. If you note that a child is struggling with her math facts, have on hand if necessary the graded assessments or anecdotal notes to prove that.Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

All opinions remain my own. For some, writing report card comments can be stressful, and leave you feeling mentally exhausted. But, did you know report card comments are sometimes the only part parents bother reading? When teaching younger grade levels, such as Prek, kindergarten, and first grade, you will most likely be expected to write lengthy, personalized, comments. Whereas, the upper elementary, middle school, and high school the comments typically reflect a few clicks from a drop-down menu in Progress Book.

However, we cannot fail to inform parents on the social-emotional and work habits that these little ones are developing. When writing comments, you will want to craft your thoughts in a way that will grab the parents attention.

To gain the respect of the parents, it is important to include a strength, an area that needs improvement, and give suggestions to practice at home. These examples are broken down into categories for positive, needs improvement, and suggestions for home. Then, we will look at ways you can compile these comments into well-written paragraphs for the parents. Well-written report card comments can help build the communication between you and the families.

Report cards, sending home parent letters, and requesting parent volunteersare great strategies to build a trusting relationships with families. Although writing detailed comments can be time consuming, there are ways to make this teacher task less daunting and more pleasurable. Build the perfect comment by choosing from the organized lists, or simply insert students names in the complete paragraph comments. With over Five Star Reviews on Teachers Pay Teachersyou can see whey these report card comments are a must have for kindergarten.

Many first grade teachers have also found these to be very helpful when writing their first quarter report cards. I always need help writing remarks that are concise, helpful, but not harsh. Reduce your teacher stress, save yourself hours of time, and build parent communication, with these Kindergarten Report Card Comments. Using Chapstick for Positive Behavior.

How to do Math Talks in Kindergarten. Stay connected and get all the latest! First Name E-Mail Address. Tips for Awesome Report Card Comments When writing comments, you will want to craft your thoughts in a way that will grab the parents attention.

Here are three points I include when writing kindergarten report card comments: A strength An area that needs improvement Suggestions for parents to implement at home To gain the respect of the parents, it is important to include a strength, an area that needs improvement, and give suggestions to practice at home.

Needs Improvement continuing to work on understanding boundaries, getting along with others, and putting more effort into work. Suggestions for Home Play-doh, puzzles, cutting, and stringing beads are great activities to help with fine motor skills at home.

Download apps to practice letters, sight words, and basic math skills. Have them use the learning app for 15 minutes prior to playing games or watch videos. Continue working on letters and sounds. Thank you. Parent Teacher Communication Well-written report card comments can help build the communication between you and the families.

K-1 Report Card Comments These comments are going to save you so much time and stress! Focus on the kids, spend more time with your family; whatever it is that you love — just not spending hours writing report card comments for all of your students.Report card comments can be blessing or a curse depending on how they are approached.

One of the tasks I always dreaded was looking at the blank comments box in my online grade book, knowing that I needed to come up with a new original comment for each student at the elementary level.

Of course, I realize each child is unique, but how do you fit those specifics into a tiny box that applauds the positive qualities, while still allowing room to mention those qualities which leave a little room for improvement?

Being that I know classroom systems are a must for anything I have to do more than once, I decided to create a teacher toolbox of report card comments in various categories.

Report Card Comments & Phrases-Character and Social/Emotional Traits

Having these at hand allowed me to have a starting point. Starting with a copy and paste for the student made it much easier to expand once that box was no longer an empty void. Plus, it saved me so much time from having to retype the same thing out over and over again. I was able to leave my comments in the box for the parents, so when they arrived for their student-led conferences, I had very little to add beyond what the child had already discussed — and the specific comments I had left.

All teachers want students to feel safe and to want to be a learner in and outside of the school building. But there is a difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and that is a little tougher to implement when the student is not even sure what he or she wants. Having a learning environment that encourages all students to freely share their triumphs and mistakes is a great place to start.

Leading by example is also important. While there are lots of tests to be given and lesson plans to teach, I know from personal experience that motivation comes from students when they make a connection with their teacher.

Without that connection, no positive motivation will be in sight. When you have to send home a less than stellar report card home can strike the fear into any teacher. The icy cold feeling drops in your heart as you are hitting the save button, knowing that one or more of the following will happen:.

For me, I love doing student led parent conferences because it forces students, parents, and teachers to work as a team to discuss how things are really going in an honest fashion, and to set some expectations for the future. With few options in some cases, this is the best solution to try and form those connections with students and parents, whether you are teaching Kindergarten or High School. Here is a list of 65 options below to set up for your own classroom systems.

Always work smarter, not harder. Work on in class assignments has made noticeable improvements since last grading quarter. Great work! How do you decide what report card comments to use on your assessments? I would love to hear in a comment below! Your email address will not be published. Report Card Comments Roundup. You might also be interested in:. This program is pages, and includes 24 templates that are completely editable so you can personalize your conferences to your liking!

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Also includes forms for having ongoing Data Folders — recommended for grades ! Parent Conference Night has never been so easy! Discover for yourself! See more pages here. You Might Also Enjoy:.

behavior report card comments

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.He will need continual guidance from home and school throughout the rest of the year. He could improve if he decided to work harder and cooperate more. She is capable of being a successful student with effort. He can do better if he makes his mind up to work harder and complete his assignments. Thank you for your interest in our class.

She will find school a much more pleasant place if she can make a positive effort in this area. More Report Card Comments and Phrases. Report Cards: Advice for Parents. You do not need to select a plan or take a free trial in order to use your credits. Simply search for and open the item that you want.

A counter will appear when you view an individual item. Note: the counter will only appear on premium resources, not resources that were already free. These comments and phrases are appropriate for all students across grade levels and are a great time-saver while doing report cards.

They are also a great resource to prepare for parent-teacher conferences. You may also like our end-of-year report card comments for students. Teaching Strategies:. Manage My Favorites. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Related Resources.

Read more. Ever have difficulty thinking of helpful criticism and praise for your students' report cards? That is, does it communicate clearly and explicitly the stepsAbove all, remember that you must show respect to the student whether you are leaving positive or negative comments.

behavior report card comments

So, I hope that the above comments help make report cards writing less painful. East — Create Art with ME. Wish I had these comments when I was teaching. Each comment had to be different and there was just so many ways to tell the parents that their child was doing fine. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Do you struggle with what to write in art report card comments? I do-big time!

Therefore, I have compiled a list of report card comments for art to help us all out! Positive Behavior makes positive choices in art class which results in understanding and good participation he is a role model for our class by respecting the classroom rules and peers is able to separate work and social times shows respect to adults and peers in and outside of the classroom reacts appropriately and diplomatically in adverse situations follows classroom rules with kindness and respect works well with others in group activities is able to transition easily from one activity to the next.

Writing Effective Report Card Comments on Behavior

Like this: Like Loading Abstract Shoe Value Drawing. Chihuly Sculpture Lesson — Mobile. Art Portfolio Preparation Resources. Carol Wellein. Carol Wellein December 14, Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.